Executive Office

Executive Management

Executive Review Plans and Dashboards

Proprietary Executive Projects

Protem Executive Services

Report to Board/Investors



Operations Management

Operational and Business Process Improvement Programs

Supply Chain Development and Management

Expansion Management

Capex Management and Planning

Process Optimization

Product Excellence and Quality Programs


Marketing and Business Development

Business Development Leadership and Management

Product Pricing and Promotion

Strategy Development

Channel Partner Management and Contracts

Product and Service Development and Planning

Product and Service Road Maps

Marketing Program Maps

Competitive Analysis



Sales Management, In-house or Outsourced

Sales Forecasting and Budgeting

Sales Team and Representatives Recruiting and Contracts

Sales Metrics and Reporting

Sales Training and Materials Development



P&L Financial Analysis and Dashboards

Operational Financials Development

Complex Financial Proformas and Planning


New Ventures

Business Plan Development with Complete Integrated Financials

Corporate Structure and Formation

Key Team Recruiting and Development

New Venture Launch Management


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