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Steve Lawrence


Professional Accomplishments


Hands-on leader for organizations facing opportunities and challenges with a direct impact on their goals and aspirations. Has led established companies and launched startups with demonstrated accomplishment from all sides of the business table. Expertise that creates loyal customers, satisfied employees and very happy investors.


Directed small companies and startups, business units, manufacturing and operating facilities, engineering teams, sales forces, and investment teams in North America and Asia. Has served and directed corporations in diverse strategic positions for over 25 years. Industries served include electronics, healthcare, lithium battery and supercapacitor energy storage, MEMS/nanotech device development, specialty metals and chemicals, electronics manufacturing, high tech IR detector systems, electronics development and LCD displays.


MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and BS Metallurgical Engineering, NYU.


Held P&L responsibility in six positions in the metals and chemical manufacturing, high-tech security and healthcare industries. 


Organized, constructed, launched and directed the operational, production and financial performance of four companies and corporate divisions for various investor groups.


Directed manufacturing operations for company with four facilities on three continents.  Achieved operational improvements that enabled a manufacturing facility to move from 3-shift to 2-shift operation: YoY operational overhead was reduced 40% - a 10% increase in the business unit’s operating profit.


Managed construction start-up and staffing of 10,000 SF manufacturing facility on time and under $750,000 budget in Singapore.  Operated cash flow positive from third month in operation achieving payback in 14 months.


Directed multi-site manufacturing operations managing over 100 professionals, staff and factory technicians.  Managed the organization through the cultural challenges of overseas manufacturing expansion and corporation’s first ERP implementation as executive member of ERP selection and oversight team.


Launched and managed sales and distribution operations in North America, China and throughout Asia.   Negotiated sales and distribution contracts in China and throughout Asia.


Directs from all sides of the table having managed each key corporate function individually.  Understands their value to overall organizational success and can emphasize and collaborate with each.


Started and managed two successful regional companies in the healthcare field.  The first, a medical device financing company, achieved payback in 18 months and generated cash to fund, build and launch the second, in surgical training and physician education.


Expertise in presentations of marketing, operations and key financial and pro forma plans to; investors, executive management and strategic partners. 


Developed numerous operational and sales plans and created forward-looking financials that include capital equipment schedules, company personnel plans, product development activities, and long-term debt and equity investment schedules.


Produced financial Pro Formas and analyzed business models of investment projects for small private investment firm.  Produced terms and agreements for $1 to $3 million dollars investments.  Determined organization equity structures and led presentations to company board.


Developed strategy addressing $300 million market for thermal imaging in high value electronic security and surveillance systems.  Recruited and contracted six sales organizations to support new product launch at company with no prior sales team. 


Leader in sales growth at electronic materials company, outperforming corporate growth 20 consecutive quarters.  Increased sales 250% in western North America taking the region from 4th to 1st in sales.  In same company increased Asian revenues increased over 450% over 3 years establishing it as the corporation’s #1 sales region.



Professional Experience


January 2015 – Present

StrategyThink, Palm Desert, CA


Business, operating, financial and investment plan development for various clients. These include virtual restaurants, medical quantum dots, independent energy systems, 4D imaging, gratuity management systems, and others.


September 2015 – May 2017

EV Enterprises, LLC, Palm Springs, CA

Executive Consultant

Small company developing and manufacturing lithium battery management electronics for stationary and mobile applications. Manages ongoing operations, wrote business plan, presents to investors, manages financials.


March 2015 – September 2015

Solaris Power Cells, Inc., Palm Springs, CA

Interim COO - Advisor

Start-up development company serving niche applications with battery-free electronic energy storage. Developed and presented business plan, financial proforma and corporate overview to investors. Launched battery-free electronic cigarette product.


January 2010 – January 2015

Advanced Device Access Management, LLC (ADAM),Utica, NY

President - Advisor

Launched small company managing the pre-authorization and financing of high value medical implants – specifically spinal cord stimulators – for client healthcare providers.  Recruited by investors to launch and operate the company.


April 2010 - July 2014

Washington Institute of Surgical Engineering, LLC,Sterling, VA

Launched by Advanced Device Access Management, LLC

Managing Director

The Washington Institute of Surgical Engineering is a state of the art cadaveric laboratory and training center with complete surgical lab, instrumentation, research and lecture capabilities.


October 2004 – Dec 2008

Critical Imaging, LLC, Utica, NY

Member of Management Team / Director of Business Development

Develops infrared cameras and nanotech detectors serving military and high performance security applications. Recruited by the leader of the investment group reporting to its managing member. Managed business development of microbolmeter MEMS/nanotech infrared detector array. Managed sales and marketing, product development and launch of infrared camera based on amorphous silicon IR detectors.


January 2002 - October 2004          

Via Solutions Inc., Naples, Florida

Co-Founder / COO

Co-founded a small closely held corporation providing equity capital to start-ups and small companies expanding their global footprint.


September 1990 – December 2001

Indium Corporation of America, Clinton, New York and Singapore

Privately held manufacturer of specialty alloys and chemicals used in electronics and LCD assembly, glass coatings and numerous other industrial applications.  Held positions reporting to president. 


Vice President, Specialty Materials Division,Utica, New York

Managed (P&L) for division producing metal parts and stampings, metal salts and high-purity metals. 


Vice President, Corporate Operations,Clinton, New York

Led corporate operations on three continents. 


Managing Director, Asia Pacific Division,Singapore

The company’s first expatriate to construct and direct company’s first overseas sales and manufacturing division in its 63 year history.


Sales Manager - Asia-Pacific Region and Western North America, Huntington Beach, California  


Prior Experience Texas Instruments - Field Sales Engineer, Marketing Program Manager and Process Engineer



Other Affiliations


SCORE, Small Business Administration, Palm Desert, California

Volunteer Lecturer - SCORE Workshops (2013-2014): 

“Choosing the Best Marketing Programs for Your Business”

“The Balanced Scorecard: A Small Business Perspective”

“Planning and Managing a New Sales Team”


Business Council for Peace (Bpeace), New York, New York

Volunteer (2009).  Provided direct strategic and management guidance to women-owned businesses operating in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Chaperoned visit by Afghan business owners to like-businesses in US under partial funding by US State Department.  (





The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 2001

Master of Business Administration


New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, Brooklyn, New York, 1980

BS Metallurgical Engineering

Graduate course work in Operations Research



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