Venture Initiation and Launch

New Ventures

Having started small companies in healthcare and financing myself, I see how the excitement, potential and challenges of a new venture are so enticing for many of us. I have much to offer a fledgling business.  One challenge stands out - the critical resource of cash. I understand how thinly resourced start-ups can be.  That's why my goal is to provide needed competencies without breaking the bank. I can give you high quality service by sharing in your success, not draining your cash account.


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Strategy & Business Plans

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I have been intimately involved with numerous business plans.  Your business plan is both an internal and external working document.  Behind every good plan is a well-defined vision and business model.  I can collaborate with your owners, managers and key contributors to turn your vision into a written guiding document.


Formation and Structure

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I have launched both LLC's and C-Corp's.  Your decision on corporate structure is more than a matter of tax, liability protection, and investor preference.  It's a matter of how your investors and employees will guide your actions and share in your success.  I can help with by-laws and operating agreements that account for all stakeholders - current and future.

Team Development

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I have recruited key managers and contributors in a variety of business settings, but at no point is your selection of team members more important than at start up.  The three keys of competencies, expectations and individual fit are so very key to success.  I can help find key contributors that meet all three of these criteria.


Direct Functional Leadership

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