Sales Success

Sales Performance and Leadership

Most of my early career was spent in sales - two positions starting in western US, Mexico and Canada, leading to sales management for Asia and the entire Pacific Rim. In both I grew sales by multiples over 3+ years. I closed long-term, sole-source sales contracts with multi-facility globals - HP, for example. Three components to my success: My engineering experience - I was an engineer for the first three years of my career - allowed me to work very closely with customer engineers - a competitive advantage I brought to the table; a very supportive team a HQ; and, hard work with very substantial travel.  I was the top salesperson across every quarter of my tenure with these companies. Being in front of customers - their focal point - everyday for years greatly shaped my later executive persona.

Actual sales results


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Actual sales results

Sales Funnel

I have directed sales in several industries in both North America and Asia. I have also built sales teams from the ground up.  Selling your products is a story of people and processes. Sales people that are motivated, trained and focused on sales targets and opportunities.  Sales processes that lead to closure and feed knowledge back into your business. Management processes that measure and guide sales funnel progress.







Recruiting and Leading a Team

I can recruit, train and manage an outside or inside sales team for you - either to launch a new team or to grow your existing selling efforts.  You can maintain your team directly or manage it through me as an outsourced business function. 

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Actionable Metrics and Reporting

It is not counterintuitive to expect a sales team to do more than sell.  Sales is the front line to your world of existing and potential markets.  Frequently the first to respond to both opportunities and challenges, your sales team shapes the way your business is perceived. 

Measuring sales performance across the sales funnel and new product development cycle is a good start in measuring the intangibles that produce a quality sales team and ongoing business success.

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Forcasting and Budgeting

The sales forecast - the ultimate performance metric for your sales team and the basis for much of your operational planning.  My roots in sales enables me to develop and organize aggressive, yet attainable forecasts. 

I can direct sales forecasting activities that support reliable overall financial plans.  A key is to define and report on key sales milestones reflecting overall plans and expectations are on-target.








Expert Distribution and Channel Partners

Successful training programs deliver more than just product knowledge and selling skills.  They introduce employees and partners to the persona of your company. Training programs have these basics: product review, selling skills, marketing and business development review, operations overview, and company strategy.  I can help bring these components online.  I can also mentor your team individually and collectively to mitigate weakneses and accelerate strengths.

Direct Functional Leadership

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