Operations & Business Processes

Operations, Manufacturing, and Business Processes

I have built, staffed and directed manufacturing and assembly operations producing thousands of unique SKU's in the US and Singapore.  However, operational processes cover far more territory than a manufacturing floor.  Your company runs on numerous business processes. Whether they focus on customer acquisition, product delivery, service fulfillment or product shipping, defining your total operation in a set of discrete steps is the first step towards customer satisfaction, excellent quality and controlled costs. I can help companies understand, document and optimize their business processes



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Business and Quality Excellence

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I have been intimately involved with organized quality and delivery programs such as ISO 9000, JIT (with electronics manufacturers) and formal global corporation vendor quality programs (such as Hewlett Packard).  A big part of these program rest on robust process improvement components.  I have managed formal process improvement programs in three settings.


Supply Chain Management

Your vendors and suppliers are the starting point for your goods and services.  Managing them is an important task.  I have used cross functional teams to source, qualify and monitor the vendors most critical to the movement of raw materials into organizations.  I have used re-competing programs to source non-critical supplies and MRO goods.

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Direct Functional Leadership

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