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Business Development & Marketing

I directed marketing and new business development for a high-tech security and surveillance company producing state-of-the-art infrared cameras.  My team developed and launched a suite of modular high-performance commercial infrared products. Gap analysis was very valuable in finding where to place these products and how to price them against larger, well-entrenched competitors.  In addition, I have other comprehensive marketing and new business development background.  Marketing and New Business Development is the multidisciplinary engine of your success.  Delivering product value to the market brings economic value to your company.  I bring considerable business development and marketing expertise to the table.



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Placement and Promotion

Your business development plan ultimately flows into your overall success.  Marketing and new business development looks at a broad range of strategic challenges - product placement, pricing and future product offerings to name just three.

I can provide the resources and expertise to bring an informed and vibrant marketing strategy for all products and services to your strategy table.

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One look at my graphic above and you will start to see the many faces of your competition.  No one faces the competition like your sales team.  The point is there is a wealth of competitive knowledge that needs to be available to the rest of your business. 

Whether marketing, product management, operations or even finance, identifying and mitigating competitive threats is essential to ongoing growth and success.  I am a hawk for understanding the competitive landscape.

Product Roadmap

Product/Service Roadmap

As the author of product road maps (for example, above), I know your products or services will eventually be replaced by those meeting future market needs.  Services that better match changing market needs, new competitive offerings or higher profitability/lower cost products will replace them.

I can help people stay ahead of the curve by guiding companies through the market and product development activities that keep business on a healthy long term track.


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Channel Partners

As relationships between your team and your channel partners grow, so does your business.  Channel partners include Value Added Resellers (VARs), distributors, commissioned representatives, co-marketers, co-promoters, internet resellers, and more.  Nurturing your relationship with these constituents is mission critical to your success. 

Understanding their independent goals and actions can be tasked to sales management.  From the formality of a negotiated contract, to the informality of a handshake, I can manage channel partners to the advantage of all.

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Product Development

Product development is a strategic rolling process aimed at producing products and services that meet customer needs while meeting the financial goals of your business.  It is a multidisciplinary undertaking that really calls for direct guidance for company executives.

Clearly its important. This is where an organization spends money on their future. It's an accumulation of Program Management, Engineering Development, Marketing and Financial Control all focused on a product or service defined by market needs. Managing people, resources (not the least of which is cash) and competencies to quickly and efficiently launch a minimally viable product (MVP). Contact me - I'll share some of the work I've done here.





Steve Lawrence
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