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A Valuable View From Every Seat at the Table

I am a senior manager with a record of securing investor return in businesses from start-ups to established corporate operating units of up to $16M annual sales within industries including energy storage, healthcare, electronics manufacturing, infrared imaging, IC-detector development and specialty metals and chemicals. I am a leader on a team driven to reward investors, nurture employees and contributors and amaze customers.

I have led companies and manufacturing business units in the US and Asia - creating and executing business strategies, managing financial performance, guiding diverse geographic and functional teams, and succeeding in complex business environments. I have led each core corporate function: multinational operations, sales, marketing, business development and engineering. I can direct them down to the tactical level - collaborating, setting goals, asking the right questions, understanding challenges, and recognizing contributions. It’s a leadership key in resource limited environments typical of small companies.

Here are some highlights of my background.  My resume can be found here.

Held the hands-on leadership (P&L) position and reported to the investors of six small companies, startups or corporate divisions of up to $16 million annual revenue: Hi-tech security imaging, surgical education, medical financing, specialty metals and chemicals, management consulting.

Started and managed corporate manufacturing and operational divisions of up to 100 people in both the US and Asia: Specialty chemicals and powder metals for electronics assembly.

Led new product development of MEMS/nanotech infrared arrays and IR detector systems. Managed development, marketing, sales infrastructure, and launch of infrared imager product suite based on amorphous silicon IR detectors.

Worked closely with private investors to launch new ventures. This has usually entailed defining business models, forward looking financials, leading investment presentations, corporate and equity structures, formation, corporate by-laws, and operating agreements and managing the construction and launch of these ventures.

Closed and negotiated milestone first-tier supplier contracts with major global customers with greater financial and market leverage: Hewlett Packard, Intel, Compaq, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, others.

Individual leadership of critical corporate functions: Operational faciities and manufacturing teams, sales teams, marketing teams, and engineering teams.

I have spent years in front of customers creating lasting and profitable relationships.

Reported to owners, C-level leaders and boards responsible for numerous business, operational, engineering, product development and sales plans. Created and managed forward-looking financials that include development team, capital equipment schedules, personnel plans, product development, and debt and equity investment schedules.

BS Engineering - New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

MBA - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

This hands-on experience across each functional area creates a unique ability to manage opportunities and challenges from all sides of the business table. I bring value to the three most important corporate stakeholders:

Owners, Customers and Employees.
FP Owners Employees Customers


I can execute on the business and financial goals and motivations of owners and teams of investors. I can grow their business, steward their investment, and report clearly on key events, metrics, finances and strategy.


I have spent a substantial part of my career meeting eye-to-eye with customers. Their value transcends the revenue line. Great customers drive the future health of a company. Meeting their needs and challenges can accelerate your business excellence and provide a roadmap to new opportunities.


Given my functional leadership experience, I can actively direct, advise & collaborate with each critical corporate function - asking the right questions, setting challenging goals & recognizing contributions. I can mobilize teams in diverse settings to achieve complex breakthrough goals.


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